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Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions and Answers on EXIMA

How can I block someone from answering my questions?

#Questions and Answers on EXIMA
Unfortunately, a user cannot ban a specific person so that they cannot answer their questions. Users can create a report for a specific answer, and the answer can be banned or removed after moderation.

Are there any posting limits or restrictions?

#Questions and Answers on EXIMA
Our Terms of Use outlines all posting limits and restrictions on EXIMA. Please review it and contact our support team if you have any questions:

Can I ask an anonymous question?

#Questions and Answers on EXIMA
No, unfortunately there is no such possibility.

Is there any limit to the number of questions asked?

#Questions and Answers on EXIMA
No, you can ask as many questions as you have, as long as they meet the requirements as outlined in our Terms of Use. However, each user can only answer a question once.

I posted my question, but I need to make changes to it. How do I do that?

#Questions and Answers on EXIMA
There are two ways to edit a question, both of which require user authorization. The first method is possible after the user has logged in and reached the main profile page, then goes to Questions and then My Questions in the left navigation bar, chooses the question they need and click the orange edit button. The second way is possible in the public part – you have to access the public page of the question and in the body of the question click on the orange edit button in the lower right corner.
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