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Frequently Asked Questions

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Important questions

Is the EX-Library only accessible via PC?

#About EXIMA
The EX-Library is available on all devices.

Do you accept everyone to register or there are some requirements for it?

#Getting started on EXIMA
Anyone can register on EXIMA!

What kinds of expertise are needed to get registered?

#Getting started on EXIMA
EXIMA was made by members of the international trade world, for members of the international trade world. That means that you have to be an importer, exporter, lawyer, in logistics, or another person who works in international trade to be part of our association. Any additional expertise you bring will make it easier for you to answer questions and be more active on our website.

Do I have to pay for registration or for using EXIMA?

#Getting started on EXIMA
No, registration and using EXIMA is free for our users.

Do I need to provide any documentation in order to get registered?

#Getting started on EXIMA
To register for EXIMA, there is no need to provide any documents.

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