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About Us

The Export Import Association, or EXIMA

Who we are

Who we are
The Export Import Association, or EXIMA, is a virtual space for professionals in the international trade industry to network and share trade knowledge. We provide support for international importers/exporters by importers/exporters and other players in an international trade transaction.
We focus on assisting importers and exporters through the order process and trade transaction specifically, but we also have resources for every aspect of international trade.
No matter what kind of international trade information you’re looking for, EXIMA has resources that either do provide it or can provide it if you ask. Our network of experts exists to provide information to everyone who seeks it.
EXIMA has everything an international trade stakeholder needs to get started. No matter what your question is, we have an answer. Want to find a lawyer or access their services? We can help with that. Want to network and find a freight forwarding expert in a specific country? We can help you do that too.

Our story

Our story
EXIMA was created as a place for international trade professionals to share their knowledge and expertise with other international traders. EXIMA’s founder saw a gap in communication between these groups, especially from an international, online perspective. Other trade associations or forums may exist, but none at the scale at which EXIMA operates and none are purely online.
We are the only online international trade association that connects global stakeholders. We’re constantly creating new ways to share information and network, making EXIMA the go-to place to learn more about international trade.
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Our Mission

Our Mission
It is our mission to make the rules, laws, and regulations of international trade easy to understand, providing new companies the ability to start their journey into the international trade world. We are here to connect new international trade businesses with the resources they need to trade successfully. Therefore, we make sure to provide support to new businesses and give them access to all the resources they need to confidently enter the international trade world.


Help SMEs/new players in international trade when they need it most
Stay up to date on industry changes
Develop career path in international business
Be a thought leader in your community
Expose expertise internationally
Potentially influence policies thought industry hub
Trust factor of being a part of this association
Offer paid services after earning pro-bono points

EXIMA Partnership

EXIMA Partnership
EXIMA is a proud partner of Export Portal, an online international B2B marketplace. EXIMA believes it is necessary to stay informed on the latest in international trade technology and developments, which is why we recommend our users join the Export Portal platform to gain access to the innovative features offered.
We believe in providing our users with the best foot forward to trade internationally, which is why we have partnered with Export Portal. They have everything an SME needs to start trading safely and securely all over the world, from educational material, to networking opportunities, to access to analytics and other data needed to trade successfully.
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If you want to take advantage of various innovative trade features, don't forget to register for free on Export Portal and get a head start in international trade!
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