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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who should I contact if I have questions regarding registration process?

#Using EXIMA
If you have any questions while navigating EXIMA at any time, please reach out to our world-class customer support team: We’re always happy to help!

How can I get thumbs-ups on my profile?

#Using EXIMA
Users are the ones who give thumbs-ups on answers and profiles, so the more helpful and eye-catching your profile and answers, the more likely you are to receive a thumbs-up.

How can I give someone a thumbs-up?

#Using EXIMA
Next to each answer, there will be a thumbs-up button that you can press to give the answer provider a thumbs-up. This is how we thank our experts for providing helpful answers.

How do I reset my EXIMA password?

#Using EXIMA
To reset your password, navigate to the Reset Password page and input the email associated with your EXIMA account. If you have any additional issues, please contact our world-class support team:

How can I edit my profile page?

#Using EXIMA
To edit your EXIMA profile, you first need to log in, then you will be redirected to the main profile page with Personal Information. Here, you can change several user parameters – personal information, links to social networks, credentials, settings for the newsletter. In addition, in the left navigation panel you can go to other pages to edit your profile – Area of expertise, Practice, Education, Laws, Skills, Languages, Company.
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